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Who are we?

dpgeo is a trademark of IRSA91 which high qualified experts work for, following the provision of services and products generation under the GIS (geographical information system) platform, GE Smallworld, leader in utilities brach.

More than 10 years of experience implementing projects and developing solutions for this platform. So we decided to make unique products for this software, with the following objectives:

  • Building tools that make the General Electric platform more and more competitive, improving the final user experience.
  • Aid for commercial expansion of Ge Smallworld platform. Providing up-to-date tools that take advantage of the latest technologies benefits.
  • Greater systems use satisfaction. The more final users manipulate tools, the greater involvement in systems they use.

What do we do?

Services and products under GE Smallworld environment:

  • National and International project management.
  • Sales Support.
  • Design of technical solutions.
  • High qualified staff outsourcing.
  • On demand development.
  • Consultancy and support.
  • Commercial applications.

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